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2021 Year Review

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Well, the year is coming to a close and I did not write as much as I wanted to. That’s okay because I learned a lot this past year. I was able to grow personally a lot more than expected. I like to attribute that to my son and learning how to parent and raise another human being. Right into the new year my wife and I will have been together for 10 years. A huge milestone and will be a moment of celebration! This is most definitely going to just be a year in review for me to look at later 2022. Hopefully, you find some joy or inspiration from it to do your year in review.


I started and stopped a few projects this year. I’ll shout out a couple that I’m more proud of here. If you want more information about either of them please reach out on Twitter because I’d love to chat.

Vybin Network

Project Management, Leadership

One of them would be Vybin Network where I got to work with some amazing and talented individuals. I learned about what it takes to be a Project Manager and how to help lead a group of people forward to deliver something. Not near as easy as I thought it would be. I ended up spending a lot of time managing our JIRA workflow as well as meetings with founding team members and many late nights catching up on my dev tasks for this project. I’m talking as if it’s over, but it’s not! We are hoping to get some funding and get some full-time manpower behind it to get it going strong. This app was written in React with a PostgreSQL DB and Express backend. We started a React-Native mobile app and have put it on hold for now.

The Temporary Plane

RESTful, express

This is my newest endeavor and current passion project. I got the idea from SpaceTraders API with how fun it is to play. I took it as a learning experience to build a secure public RESTful api while also building a sort of game world that anyone could easily start playing. I am hoping it becomes a fun role-playing game you could log in and play for a few minutes a day with an ever-changing world. With it having a public endpoint I am hoping to get other developers that might be better at the front end than me to build some cool UI for it. I do also plan on making a basic web interface to start playing so you can easily jump in and get an idea of what it is.

Video Tagger RX

electron, exploration

So electron is pretty cool. Like really, really cool. So cool that a friend and I tried to build a small little app that I needed at the time. I had a ton of video clips lying around when I was into editing some gameplay videos. I needed a way to note downtimes in each clip so that I could pull them up later when editing a video. I stopped working on this project because I stopped editing videos. Refer to fear of starting. It was a great learning experience and I hope to work on more electron in the future.

2022 Goals

Here are just a few goals of mine going into the new year. Hopefully, at least 1 of these will see completion, but more would also be cool.

  • Release The Temporary Plane
  • Write more than 3 blogs in a year
  • Try a new type of video format
    • Cooking?
    • Coding Tutorial?
  • Find a good productivity workflow
  • Figure out how to let people know what I’m doing

Check-in after a while and see where I’m at. I need to figure out how to let you know what I’m doing. Maybe that’s just Twitter though. ¯\_(ツ)_